5 signs that it’s time to change your air-conditioner

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Sometimes, we can make the strangest sentimental bonds to our belongings. Old shoes, a broken pair of sunglasses, or even your air conditioner. It can be a sad truth, but nothing lasts forever, especially not your air conditioner. 

When your air conditioner is on its way out, it is important to stay on top of replacing it before it breaks so that you aren’t stuck in a greenhouse on a hot day, or in a frozen house on a winter’s morning. 

But, how do you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioner? What is the life of AC compressors? No need to worry, in this article we will walk you through 5 signs it’s time to replace your air conditioner and air con compressor unit!


vehemently What Can Wear Down The Air Conditioner? 

Is there something breaking the air conditioners? Or is it just that old carrier air conditioner models are simply poor quality? The truth is; air conditioners are not meant to last forever, and there are certain things that will wear them down faster. 

If you know what is likely to wear down your air conditioner, you will be able to enjoy the cool or warm breeze it produces for longer: 


Samarinda The AC Unit Doesn’t Have Enough Refrigerant

Aside from being functionally useless because if your air conditioner has no refrigerant it won’t be able to cool down anything, without refrigerant your air conditioner can overheat. 

The refrigerant in your air conditioner doesn’t just cool down the air in your room, it keeps the air conditioner at a cool enough temperature to function. Without it, the air con can overheat and break. 

Make sure you are getting your air conditioner serviced, filled with refrigerant and regas aircon when you need. 


The Evaporator Coils Are Frozen 

Sometimes, if there is little refrigerant in the air conditioner, the evaporator coils can freeze. This is because the heat is no longer transferred evenly by the refrigerant, so the air around the evaporator coils lowers, and freezes them. 

Besides the coils becoming useless, the frozen condensation when it melts can wet the parts of your air conditioner, and ruin it. 

Make sure you get your air conditioner regularly serviced. 


Make Sure The Condenser Coil Is Not Dirty

If the condenser coil is dirty, it can get blocked. This means that it is difficult, if not impossible for your air conditioner to condense the refrigerant and make the cooling effect. This means that your air conditioner might overheat, and break. 

You can easily prevent this by making sure you get your air conditioner serviced yearly.


The Fan Isn’t Working Properly 

Sometimes, the fan on the outside unit might not be blowing as much air as it should be. This fan is very important for making sure the air conditioner stays cool and the exhaust is working properly. If it is broken, the air conditioner will overheat and break. Get the fan fixed and look up air conditioning vents replacement. 


You Have A Leaking Duct

If your duct is leaking, you will have to overwork the air conditioner to cool your room by the same amount. The harder the machine has to work, the shorter its life will be. 


Do You Fix Or Replace The Air Conditioner?

If the air conditioner is on its first handful of breakdowns, it can probably get away with a simple fix from an air conditioner professional. Call the air conditioner professionals and they will consult you on if the air conditioner can be fixed, or if it should be replaced. 


How Often Should An Air Conditioner Be Replaced? 

Every air conditioner will last for a different amount of time. An AC unit getting blasted all year long in Tom Price will last for less time than an AC in a cool climate. 

Additionally, cheaper air conditioners, with a worse ZERL rating, tend to last for not as long. 

However, on average you should replace your air conditioner every 10 years, give or take.


5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is On The Way Out

So, what are the signs that your air conditioner is on its last legs? What are the things you should look out for, for when you need to buy a new air conditioner? 5 signs include: 

  • Your Energy Bill Has Skyrocketed 

Sometimes if your air conditioner is up to its last days, it will have to work extra hard to achieve the same result. Having it redline just to cool down your room a little bit means it will heavily inflate your power bill. 

If you see your power bill increase by a heap, it could mean that you need to get a new air conditioner. 

  • It’s Making A Strange Sound 

If it’s making some sort of offensive sound, despite the fact you just got it fixed, it means something is broken. These loose parts only get worse and worse as the air conditioner’s lifespan moves on. If they persist, it’s only a matter of time before the system breaks. 

  • The Unit Is Leaking 

It’s normal for an air conditioner to leak a little bit. A few droplets here and there from the condensation that gathers on it is perfectly fine. However, if the air conditioner is gushing, then that is not good and it is likely to break. Make an assessment, if you think it’s only minor then maybe you can hire a professional to fix it, but if the leaking is extreme you should get a new system. 

  • The Air Coming Out Stinks 

If your split system air conditioner smells musty, and the air it bellows out stinks, then you should get a new system. Something in the air conditioner is broken or extremely dirty. Whether it be the vents, filter, or compressor, give it a check and a bit of a clean, but if the smell persists, get a new air conditioner. 

  • You Have To Keep Fixing It 

If you have to keep fixing your air conditioner over and over again, and again, and again, you may as well just get a new system. Not only will it remove the headache of having to always mess around with a shoddy system, it’s only a matter of time before the system breaks beyond repair. 


Keep Getting Your Air Conditioner Service, Before It’s Too Late 

There’s no point having your ac run at half capacity. That will just waste your time and money. Running an air conditioner that hasn’t been serviced only damages it.

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