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You are probably confused about what to do when your air conditioning stops working or produces warm air instead of the usual cold, soothing air. If you are experiencing any of the above, there is no need to fret or go into panic mode. It simply means that you need to regas air con. Other times, you may just discover that gradually your air con’s cooling effect is not as potent as it used to be. 

Apart from petty faults that can be sorted by routine checks, it could be a pointer to a decline in the gas level of your air-con. If the latter is the case, you may need help with how to regas air-con and home aircon regas services that will adequately attend to your needs. This article takes you through all you need to know about aircon regas: the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘who’. This also doubles as a comprehensive guide, just in case. For quality air con regas Perth and general air conditioning services in Perth, check here. What is Aircon Regas?

Aircon regas refers to the entire process of taking out the old and worn refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replacing it with a new refrigerant to ensure that your air-con does not keep producing warm air. The process is effective and time-saving and as such, should be your first point of call when your air conditioner is not blowing as cold as it should be. This means you will need to engage the services of a mechanic or an air-con technician who will then diagnose whether it is just a regas that is needed or other concerns need to be attended to. 

Again, from time to time, people attempt to regas their air-con themselves. While that could save a little extra cost that could have been expended in engaging the services of a specialist, we’d not advise you to regas by yourself if you do not have comprehensive knowledge about how an air-con system works. Moreover, fixing it yourself is almost as expensive as getting a specialist to do the job. There are myriads of advantages in using the services of a technician. One of such is that if anything goes wrong, you get technical assistance and will not run into huge repair bills. More so, a good and experienced aircon technician has what it takes to ensure that there are no refrigerant leaks in the course of the job and to detect any such leaks if there is already one. 

There are tell-tale signs of a gas leak you may want to take note of; some of which include:

  • Release of warm air from your air-con when it should be cold 
  • Accumulation of ice on the pipes of your air conditioning system. 
  • Unusual sounds from the external pipes

Qaţanā Why Would You Need Aircon Regas

Instead of waiting until your air conditioning system begins to produce hot air, you may take on a more proactive approach by having it checked by a specialist if the air is no longer as cool as it used to be. Again, if it has been a while since your last air con regas, then you may want to get a regas as soon as possible. Getting a regas will save you from bigger problems in the long run, like wear and tears in the pipes and other parts of the air conditioning system. Also, you will need to keep your air-con constantly in use if you want it to be in awesome working condition. 

Why Car Aircon Needs to Be Regas and Home Aircon Does Not

While your car’s air-con may need a regas constantly, it is not so for your home air conditioning system. This simply means that you do not need a home aircon regas as much as you need a car aircon regas. The reason for this is quite simple: the materials used for both systems! Your home air-con system is built from sturdier and more durable materials than your car’s which is often rubber and plastic. Such parts as the pipes, seals, and other parts of the system are made from plastic too. 

Over the years, these plastic parts begin to experience a decline in their quality and eventually became porous. Also, the wear and tears from daily driving, bumping and all what-not may begin to take its toll on the car. On the other hand, the air-con system of your home is different. The wears and tears are very minimal if there is any at all. In contrast to the plastic pipes of your car’s air-con, the pipes here are copper and much more durable. Albeit, you may need to regas air-con home after the passage of some years to keep your air conditioning in optimal performance. 

How to Avoid an Aircon Regas

Some clients often ask if it is possible to avoid an aircon regas. Well, the answer to this is yes! When your older air conditioning systems do not seem as cold as they used to be, it may be as a result of poor maintenance of the cooling system. This means that the solution does not lie in getting a regas, rather in getting your air conditioner thoroughly serviced regularly. If you use it very often or almost every day, regular servicing will entail servicing it quarterly in a year. However, if the demand for its efficiency is not as much, you can get its service at least once annually. 

Again, instead of constantly regassing your air-con system whereas there is no noticeable improvement in its cooling effect, you may want to change it altogether especially if it has been in use for over 5 years.  Air conditioning systems do not last forever. Just like every other product, they have a life span. The average lifespan of a quality air-con system with proper maintenance is 7 years.  Thus, proper maintenance and changing your air conditioning systems when they exhaust their life span will reduce the number of times you need a regas if at all you do need one. 

Although your ducted/home air conditioning systems do not need a regas, they may need servicing from time to time. Here’s how to know when. 

  • When the ducts get dirty: if air-con filters are not properly cleaned or repaired when they develop a fault, they can become very dirty, dusty, or even moldy. This may pose health concerns to the users of the cooling system if it is not promptly taken care of. 
  • Leaks: over time, the flexing movements of the ductwork may cause tears to drop and air may enter into and out of the system. This may begin to tell on the efficiency of your air-con, drastically reducing its life span. Again, a build-up of these problems may cumulate into bigger and more serious problems.
  • Bad zoning gates: Zoned systems are quite common. They open and close to regulate the circulation of air to each area of the air conditioning system. These gates may at some point begin to malfunction and this could lead to a ripple effect causing the entire system to lose efficiency too. Then, you will need to get it back in proper working condition. Since these gates are quite delicate and sensitive, they should only be serviced by highly trained and experienced technicians. 
  • Inadequate insulation: Home air-con systems make use of ductwork to transport air to the various locations. This is a lot of work and entails some good distance and some amount of friction in the course of the movement and exchange. You can take care of this challenge by getting your ductwork properly insulated. If insulation loses its quality, you can simply get it replaced. 
  • Clogged drains: The condensation drain of your air conditioner may become clogged. While this is not necessarily a fault that needs repairs, it may cause you some discomfort in the form of bad smells from the drain, clogged filters, water pollution resulting from water being transported from the duct system into your house, and impure air. 

How to Regas Aircon

If you’d like to regas your air-con by yourself, you can purchase air con regas kits. However, this line of action is not advisable unless of course, you are a trained and experienced aircon regas technician. Also, as already mentioned earlier, doing it yourself will be almost as expensive as having an expert do it for you; or even more expensive as you are liable to incurring some monstrous repair bills if the attempt goes south. Again, as an unskilled repairer, you may not be minded to take adequate safety and precautionary measures as would a trained expert. All air offers you quality and expertise. Our commercial air conditioning servicing, maintenance, and repair are available here

Cost of Regassing

The cost of regassing either your home or car air conditioning system is dependent on the regas service you are using. While some are cheaper, others are quite expensive; however, what is important with regard to air con regas is the quality of the service. Look out for excellent service. We offer you nothing short of the best at very affordable prices. Visit our website here.

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