Daikin vs. Mitsubishi: The Best Aircon For Your Home

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In Western Australia, it can get hot and humid around December to February. By then, air conditioners have become an essential need in nearly every single household and workplace. Despite the various collections of air conditioning brands available, there will always be these two reputable brands that everyone just seems to trust and love. Those are none other than Mitsubishi and Daikin.

This might even be a time for you to update your air conditioning unit to a newer one due to wear and tear over the years or just treat yourself and your family. At nearly every corner, you would see these two brands side by side but the important question now is, if you were to purchase an air conditioner for your home, which one should you purchase? 


purchase Gabapentin 300 mg Five factors to consider when picking your air conditioner:

Byādgi 1) Cost

Apart from the air conditioner and installations, you should also take into account the possible cost of your electricity bill. Undoubtedly, the more you utilise the air con, the higher your electricity bill would go up.

2) Quality

Despite the cost being one of the biggest considerations when it comes to picking your air conditioner, quality should also be another main factor as it can directly affect your health. Consider investing in a higher quality AC so that there are lesser repairs or need to replace a new AC every few years.

3) Size of Your Space or Home

The size of your space determines how powerful you want your air conditioner to be. Generally, the Mitsubishi ducted air conditioner would be a great option to consider as it gives you total control of the temperature throughout the whole house and individual rooms. 

4) Maintenance

For an air conditioner to function optimally, its filters, coils and fins require regular maintenance. Of course, this too depends on how often you plan on operating your air conditioner but neglecting maintenance can result in a steady decline in performance.

5) Durability 

Going hand-in-hand with finding a good quality air conditioner, durability refers to its lasting power. Imagine purchasing a new air conditioner only to have it break down after a few months of use. A durable AC unit ensures that homeowners save costs in the long run by having lesser servicing and repairs.


Is Mitsubishi or Daikin better?

Both air conditioning brands are high in quality and produce outstanding performance with amazing durability. Hence, why they have been chosen as many homeowners’ source of coolness on hot days.

Mitsubishi has been in the industry for a long time now, solidifying themselves as one of the best and leading air conditioning brands in Perth today. They have a large variety to choose from that can accommodate small to large areas with their fast cooling qualities. Additionally, they have two types of air conditioning sub-brands – Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

On the contrary, Daikin is also becoming one of Perth’s chosen air conditioner brands. Daikin Australia has proved to not only be one of the best for air conditioning but also for refrigerators. Over the years, Daikin has gained recognition and credibility over its high quality air conditioning units of different types. Owning either a Daikin air con or a Mitsubishi Electric air con will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you could make as a homeowner. 

Yet, with such acclaimed features, it can get difficult to choose which is better. Luckily, here is a comparison to get you started on choosing which air conditioner brand best suits you and your home.

Mitsubishi vs. Daikin
Mitsubishi  Daikin
Designed to be environmentally friendly  Fast cooling
Features a hard wearing anti-corrosion treatment for durability  Uses SMART technology for user comfort and convenience 
Energy efficiency  Energy efficiency
Uses health protection system through added filters such as the Enzyme filter and Nano Platinum filter Little to no noises
$4,000 to $5,000 $4,000 to $7,000

  • Which is quieter, Mitsubishi or Daikin?

Both are relatively the same when it comes to the noise during operation. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning have compressors that are capable of working noise-free which is great for hot summer nights in Australia. Specifically, the Mitsubishi split system air conditioner. Daikin, too, is similar where it has little to no noise being emitted when operating. 

  • Which has a higher energy efficiency, Mitsubishi or Daikin?

This is probably one of the most important features an air con should have as the more energy it saves, the lower your electricity bills would be. Mitsubishi is well-known for its specially designed system that consumes 60 percent less energy.

To calculate aircon efficiency, all you have to do is check its ‘Energy Rating’ which essentially rates how well an air conditioner heats and cools. This is a very important tool as it helps homeowners make an informed decision when purchasing air conditioners.


Which one should you choose overall?

Like all decisions, we must come to one. If you are still facing a hard time picking an air conditioner, Daikin ducted air conditioning reviews have many homeowners very pleased. It is perfect for medium to large houses and spaces. On the other hand, Mitsubishi air conditioner reviews have too shown great reactions. At the end of the day, both brands have earned their place in the market as some of Australia’s best air conditioners for a reason. 

If you give importance to performance and quality, you may want to look towards a Mitsubishi air con. Specifically, Mitsubishi split system air conditioners. However, if you are looking to have more of a wide selection, Daikin may be the right one for you and your home. 


Where can you find your air conditioner?

Landing on which air conditioning unit to purchase for your home may feel like an impossible feat. Especially for your home as you would want nothing but the best for you and your loved ones. When it comes to the air conditioning in Perth installations and solutions, All Air Services ranks among the best in the market. If you are still wondering, Why is Daikin the best? or Is Daikin the best brand? or even Is Mitsubishi Electric worth its price?, why not reach out to us and we will tell you more!

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