My Air Conditioner is Not Turning Off: What Can I Do?

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Is your air conditioner driving you crazy because it is just not turning off? Although cool air blowing over you and cooling down your home, office, or retail space can be a welcome delight, the never-ending whirring of it never turning off can be a nuisance. Not to mention problematic for your budget when your electric bill arrives at the end of the month.

This can be caused by several issues and might be easier to fix than you think. When all else fails, there are trained professionals at your fingertips to come in and fix things in a flash.


Possible Causes and Solutions for Your Air Conditioner Not Turning Off

Probable Cause 1: A Faulty Thermostat  

How to Fix It

First things first – and it might be an obvious one – take a look to see what setting your thermostat is on at that moment. Then you should set the air conditioner’s temperature higher than what the target temperature is in order to switch it off automatically. If you can still feel the air conditioner blowing air into the room, take a look at the settings to see if the fan setting is not on.

However, the issue could also be caused by your thermostat that is broken and therefore unable to gauge when the room’s target temperature has been reached. It therefore then just keeps going and never turning off. If your air conditioner is making the room temperature below what you set it to, you might have to start looking for a replacement unit or call in the experts to get it fixed.

Probable Cause 2: Stuck Relay is Keeping the Circuit Shut

How to Fix It

The relay component of your air conditioner is responsible for opening and closing the electrical components.When they have been in operation for quite some time, they can stick together and shutting the circuit entirely and won’t be able to turn off.

Probable Cause 3: Issues with the Electronic Board

How to Fix It 

These days, air conditioners often make use of something called an Electronic Control Board, commonly referred to as the PCB. This is responsible for controlling the various technical elements of the air conditioning unit.

There is a thermistor on this board, which acts as a kind of sensor to keep track of the room temperature and to adjust accordingly. You can check to see if there are any issues with the connection of any indication that anything on the board is damaged. With something this technical, calling in an expert is always advised to avoid any permanent damage to your air conditioner.

Probable Cause 4: Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coil

How to Fix It

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. When last did you have your air conditioner serviced? Although this might be something that you overlook from time to time, it can cause dirt to build up on the evaporator coil. This causes your air conditioner to work overtime to properly cool down the room.

Alternatively, your evaporator coil could be frozen. A sure-fire way to tell if this is the cause is to see if the air conditioner is blowing hot air as well as never turning off. Your best solution for the latter is to turn it off immediately and to seek help from an experienced expert.

Probable Cause 5: Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filter is Clogged

How to Fix It

Dirt could be the main culprit to your air conditioner not turning off. When it’s blocking the air conditioner’s air filter, it in turn restricts the airflow and can cause your air conditioner to not work properly. You could try to clean it yourself or call in the pros to take care of your air conditioning needs.

Probable Cause 6: Your Air Conditioner’s Condenser is Blocked

Although it might be located outside of your air conditioning unit, cleaning and taking the condenser coils of your air conditioning unit into account should not be overlooked.

In fact, you might even want to add them to the very top of your To-Do list since they are located outside and therefore in the eye of the storm for dirt and debris to build up over time. This can block the condenser, restricting the airflow. A possible solution is to use professional cleaning products as well as tools in order to clear up blockage causing the problem.

Probable Cause 7:Your Blower Motor and Fan Are Faulty

How to Fix it

Either your fan could be running at a low speed or your blower motor is not generating enough air. This could cause your air conditioner to run for too long. A solution to this is to change your fan speed or to clean the debris off your fan’s blades that could potentially be slowing it down. As silly as it might sound, sometimes all it takes is a good clean! Or, of course, a professional to let you know where the problem lies so that you can speed up the process to fix it.

Probable Cause 8: Your Air Conditioner Is Just Not the Right Fit

How to Fix It

Truth be told, perhaps you were just too eager to cool down your new space that you did not consider the size and air conditioning requirements? It might just be that your current installed air conditioner is just not powerful enough to take care of the room you are trying to cool. Don’t panic, you can still reach out to a professional to see how you can best optimise your cooling needs in your current space.

Still Unsure Why Your Air Conditioner is Not Turning Off?

Sometimes it’s just better to let the trained professionals handle that headache of trying to figure out what’s wrong with your air conditioning system. Call in the experts to solve your problems in a flash and enjoy peace of mind that all your air conditioning needs are taken care of.

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