Why You Should Get a Mitsubishi Bronte Split System


If you keep yourself up to date on the latest air conditioning trends in Australia, you might be familiar with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Split System series. Having earned endless amounts of awards and praise by the people, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Split System air conditioners are highly efficient and powerful while also being quiet and eco-friendly. 

However, if you find yourself here in need of a little push on why you should seriously start considering this particular series, you have come to the right place. 

What is Mitsubishi Bronte?

Using advanced fan blade technology that can be seen in jet engines to deliver optimum airflow, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte series are one of the top-leading air conditioners in the Australian market in both commercial and residential spaces. Topped with a wide range of features and functions using the Clean Air Technology that will enhance your space. The Clean Air Technology is made specially to filter out bacteria, allergens, odours and any other unwanted particles. Hence, the Mitsubishi Bronte split system air conditioners not only provide comfort but a healthier environment too. 

What are the different types?

  • Single-room split system

A single-room split system has a separate indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor cabinet unit holds the condenser and compressor while the indoor cabinet holds the evaporator coil and an air handler that sends cool air throughout the designated space. As there is only one indoor unit, this particular system does not take up much space, making it ideal for smaller spaces.  

  • Wall-mounted split system

These are also known as mini-split systems or ductless mini-split systems. As they are ductless, you would get fresh, refrigerated air without the hassle of installing ductwork. Many commercial and residential areas have opted for this system as it is easy, convenient and modern to install and maintain. You are in luck as the Bronte series has some great wall-mounted options to choose from. 

  • Multi-head split system

As its name suggests, the multi-head split system has one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units to distribute cool or heated air. This allows you to control what sort of air and mode in specific spaces. 

  • In-system cassette system

One of the main types of inverter split systems, cassette system air conditioners are ceiling air conditioners. It too has an outdoor and indoor unit that does not require any ductwork, making it easy to install. 

What do you need to consider?

Apart from considering which split system you want, here are five other factors you should keep in mind when choosing for a Bronte split system air conditioner. 

  • Cost

As everyone’s budget differs from one another, it is important that you set a budget for yourself to narrow down to a range of air conditioners that best fit the amount. With Mitsubishi, there is a wide range of styles and variety to choose from to accommodate your preferences. 

  • Energy Efficiency

The higher the energy efficiency in an air conditioner, the better. This helps reduce your carbon footprint, provide complete climate control and most importantly, reduce your utility bills. Especially on hotter days and seasons, you would want to keep your bills as low as possible while still having a comfortable cooling space at home. 

  • Noise Control

After a long day, the last thing you would want during your sleep to have a whirring air conditioner in your midst. Purchase an AC that has a low noise level or better yet, a sleep mode that gives you a quiet sleep every night. 

  • Capacity

The size of your space determines the size and capacity of your air conditioner. Finding the right-sized air conditioner determines the durability and efficiency of your AC. Additionally, you should also consider your climate and the AC’s frequency of usage on a daily basis. 

  • Air Quality

Having clean indoor air is vital to you and your loved ones health. In order to achieve that, the chosen air conditioner should have a good filtering system to filter out unwanted bacteria, odours and germs from coming in. 

Which model is best for you?

Now that you have a better idea of the various types of air conditioners Mitsubishi Bronte has, let’s look at the available split system models you can have in your spaces. Here are our top three recommendations we think you should consider: 

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  • Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW Split System


http://cyberblogue.com/qnap-no-space-left-and-inaccessible Pros Cons
Durable Interface can get complex to operate
Quiet Operation 
Good value for money 

  • Mitsubishi Bronte 6.3 kW Split System


Pros Cons
Good value for money  Power unit design may get complicated to operate
Ease of use 
Easy to maintain
Quiet Operation 

  • Mitsubishi Bronte Srk71zra-w Reverse Split Cycle Inverter


Pros Cons
Easy to operate  Costly
Low to minimal maintenance  While it has low to minimal maintenance, maintenance or repair fees can get costly
Easy to install 
Responsive to various climate conditions 


What is the most efficient split system air conditioner?

Here in Australia, split system air conditioners are required to carry an energy rating label. A blue coloured label represents the cooling function while the red coloured label represents the heating function. For ease of readability and understanding, they are usually represented in star rating labels. Essentially, the more stars the Mitsubishi air conditioner has, the more energy efficient it is. 

Now, when it comes to efficient split system air conditioners, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Bronte are the way to go. Coming round with 7 stars for both heating and cooling functions, the Mitsubishi Electric SRK20ZSXA-W tops other brands by at least two stars. On the other hand, the Mitsubishi 8kW Split System Bronte or the Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Bronte are some of the most energy efficient split systems on the market today. Although higher energy efficiency brings about higher purchase and installation cost, energy efficient air conditioners such as these are going to save you your utility bills and maintenance cost in the long run. 

What is the best split system in Australia?

If you have not already noticed, we are huge fans of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte series. With that, we can confidently state that the Bronte series is in fact one the best split systems in Australia. However, if the Bronte series is not what you are leaning towards, there is also the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avante series that is well-loved by the people here in Australia. 

Is Mitsubishi AC reliable?

There is only one answer for this and that is: Yes!

Mitsubishi has been one of the best on the market here in Perth for the longest time and that is because of how reliable and durable their products are. Coupled with their friendly customer service, Mitsubishi is a brand we highly urge you to consider. 

Are Mitsubishi air cons good?

If you have yet to be convinced, here is a fun fact which we think could help you decide: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries won the 2021 ProductReview Awards that was judged based on the criterias of value of money, brand quality, noise level, cleaning and maintenance, heating or cooling speed, and ease of use. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is truly a brand that not only enhances your life comfortably but also proves itself to be one of the best air conditioner brands in the market here in Australia as voted and critiqued by the people. 


Is Mitsubishi AC good for your home?


This is due to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Clean Air Technology that is implemented in the Bronte Split System air conditioners as well. As air is the only uncontrollable element we inhale every second, it is pertinent that we get the cleanest air possible. With Mitsubishi, that is easily achievable due to its multiple layers of filtration. Here are what they do: 

  • Captures and neutralises airborne allergens 
  • Kills unwanted bacteria and viruses 
  • Neutralises odour particles 
  • Self cleans 

Where can I buy one?

There are countless other reasons as to why Mitsubishi air conditioners are the best. Need more convincing? When it comes to finding the best air conditioning solutions in Perth, All Air Services ranks one of the top in the market. We have been providing our expertise for over 15 years in Perth and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. With a fully local team with great culture and proficiency in our products, our team will do our best in assisting you in every way possible. 

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