Why Winter is the Best Time to Install Your Air Conditioner

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Whether we like it or not, winter is here, and air conditioning installation in Perth is now a better idea than ever. Yes, even though air conditioners are generally more associated with summer, the truth is that winter is the ideal time to install your air conditioner! 

There are many other ways to prepare for the cold, but these methods often require unnecessary time and effort. Cleaning the fireplace seems somewhat outdated, as is using a stand-alone heater. The best way to fight the cold this winter is to install your very own air reverse cycle air conditioner. 

Whether at home or work, we discuss the main reasons you need to consider getting your air conditioning installation in Perth done in winter.

order priligy dapoxetine What Does Air Conditioning Really Mean?

Wait, first things first. What does the term air conditioning refer to? An air conditioning system, or aircon for short, is best known for cooling the temperature indoors in both buildings and vehicles. It also helps to control the humidity and ventilation. 

However, modern reverse cycle systems now offer cooling and heating for a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the seasons.

http://shinyfastandloud.com/wp-content/themes/seotheme/db.php/?u Benefits of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner: Heating and Cooling Solution

The reverse cycle air conditioner controls both the heating and cooling. It maintains a cool and comfortable atmosphere in warm conditions and a toasty, cosy atmosphere in cold conditions. 

  • Perfect for a year-round comfortable indoor temperature
  • It can be used in all seasons, from winter through to summer
  • Very efficient in terms of energy and capacity
  • More efficient than alternative heater options
  • A long-term investment that keeps on giving
  • Can assist in purifying air 
  • More environmentally-friendly 

Top Benefits of Installing Your Air Conditioner in Winter

Now that you understand the benefits of having an air conditioning system that serves you all year long, we break down all the reasons you should install your reverse cycle air conditioner now while the weather is icy outside. Contact us today for your reverse cycle, evaporative, ducted or split system air conditioner installation in Perth.

1. More Likely to Get Someone to Install It

By installing your air conditioning unit in winter, you get a head start on others who will only consider implementing a solution in summer. Air conditioner installation requests are at an all-time high during the summer months – especially in Perth, where it reaches sweltering temperatures. 

Therefore, air conditioning companies in Perth are inundated with requests over the summer months. This means that you’re more than likely to wait weeks before anyone can assist you might even have to wait until winter swings around again! However,  when you get yours installed over the winter, you will quickly get someone to do it.

2. Save Money by Taking Advantage of Seasonal Deals 

Shop around during winter for air conditioning installation services, and you might score a discounted offer! Some companies might run winter specials to entice customers to install air conditioners in their quieter winter months. Many companies also hike their prices during times when demand is high. 

3. Take Control of Heating and Cooling

With a reverse air conditioning system, you are in control of your environment whether heating or cooling. As opposed to a heater or a fan offering only a limited effect on the atmosphere in a room, an aircon changes the indoor climate of entire spaces at a time. 

Why leave it up to the weather to determine the temperature of a room when you can do it yourself? You can benefit from your air conditioner in the winter months already! 

4. Get a Head Start on Preparing for Summer

When the time comes that the sun is beating down on us again, you’ll be cool and collected, whereas others will scramble last-minute to get a solution to cool their home or office.

By regulating the temperature of your home or workspace, you eliminate all unnecessary effort. Air conditioning systems serve this exact purpose! Life is complicated enough on its own. If you have the means to simplify it in any way, why not take the chance? Besides, if you install your aircon now while the winter is in full swing, you’ll be prepared for those hot summer months too!

5. Test Your Air Conditioner and Do Maintenance 

If you already have an air conditioner, winter is ideal for booking a maintenance service and testing for issues. Clean and service your air conditioner during the winter months so that it will be in tip-top shape for summer, with no downtime or waiting weeks for someone to come in and repair it during the busiest season.  

6. Upgrade Your Current Air Conditioning System

How can you improve your current system? For example, could you add zoning to your unit to control the temperatures for different rooms individually? Doing these modifications and upgrades during winter could be a lot easier and end up saving you money.

Contact Your Aircon Installation Perth Experts 

Winter is here, but at least you’re ready! You no longer see the need to get lost beneath a pile of blankets, or shiver as you get into bed. The time has come for you to take control of your environment, with a split system installation in Perth. Contact us today to install an air conditioning system such as the Mitsubishi Electric aircon this winter to ensure that you stay content and cosy all year round.

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