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Air Conditioners in Perth

Effortlessly maintain comfortable temperatures with a Mitsubishi Heavy
Industries Split System Air Conditioner.

Split air conditioning system common applications

There are different size systems available depending on the application required.

  • Suitable for single or small size rooms: home office, bedroom
  • Combined living areas: dining room, family room, living room
  • Small to large bedrooms

What to consider when choosing a split system air conditioner

Sudden weather changes challenge the comfortable atmosphere of our homes and offices. Split system aircons help you easily maintain perfect temperatures in your home without having to ‘watch’ your energy usage.

The air con unit provides the perfect temperature during warm summer months to keep your home cool and enough heat during colder seasons to keep your home warm.

Best of all they are one of the most energy efficient AC systems on the market, with some models boasting a 7 star energy rating.


Is a split system air conditioner right for you?

Discover the pros and cons of a split system air conditioner.


Split System Air Conditioner Pros

  • Moskovskiy Quiet. Can be quieter due to the exterior condenser being located separately from the air-blowing unit, which is usually inside your house or office.
  • http://icrapoport.com/fateful-introduction-to-sports-illustrated/ Energy Efficient. Split systems are renowned for their energy efficiency and being able to provide even heating and cooling when temperatures are adjusted accordingly. Long-term running costs are also lower compared to traditional air conditioning systems.
  • Attractive design. Thanks to the modern design of split system air conditioning systems and are usually located high on a wall, they seamlessly integrate with interior decor.
  • Versatile. Split systems can be installed almost anywhere in your home or office and does not require large holes in the wall or expensive ducts to be installed. The exterior condenser can be located away from the AC unit, reducing noise.
  • Repairs. If one unit requires repairs, the others will continue to operate and repair costs are lower, as opposed to ducted air conditioning where the whole system stops working. Replacement costs are also lower.

Split System Air Conditioner Cons

  • Price. Compared to other air conditioning systems, split air conditioners are generally more expensive and will need to be installed both inside and outside of the house. However, they are much cheaper than ducted AC systems, with initial costs usually made up for by its energy efficiency.
  • Location. Because split systems are generally installed in a room, it can only cool/heat a single room.
  • Appearance. It may look sleek and modern inside your home, but the large compressor can detract from the appearance of the house if it needs to be located in a prominent position.
  • Noise. While the air conditioning system is whisper quiet on the inside, the compressor located inside of the outdoor unit outside of the home or office can be quite noisy and may detract from the value of the home if it’s in a prominent area.

Shop Australia’s most popular and trusted split system air conditioning brands with All Air Services


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners

We supply and install a wide range of Mitsubishi AC systems.
This includes ducted inverter split systems and Australia’s most energy efficient wall mounted split system the Avanti Plus Series, which boasts an industry leading 7 star “Super Efficiency” energy rating.

Shop The Range

Daikin Air Conditioners

Looking for a convenient way to maintain a comfortable climate all year round in your home? Daikin’s reverse cycle premium ducted air conditioning is one of the most effective ways of being able to heat and cool multiple rooms in your home at the touch of a button.

Enquire about the range

We can help you decide which split aircon system is best for you

All Air Services, a provider of quality reverse cycle air conditioning in Perth, offers premium solutions for your cooling system needs. We stock an extensive range of units, including first-rate split system air conditioners.

Beyond providing you with a quality split ac unit, we can take over the split system air conditioner installation for you.

If you’re unsure what AC system is best suited to your home or office, contact us for an absolute all-year comfort solution today. We also provide split system air conditioner maintenance and repair services.


Breakdown service call out and urgent repair

Air conditioner units always face the risk of breakdowns. This is why we highly recommend having your air conditioning in Perth regularly serviced and maintained for cleanliness and blockages by a qualified technician.

We understand that it can be frustrating if your air conditioning or refrigeration system breaks down, but you can rely on us to get it back up and running fast, with minimal fuss.

Hear what our clients have to say

Reliable Process

At initial inquiry through to installation of replacement air-conditioner, I found each person of the company reliable and helpful at each stage.

Richard Troth

High Level of Care

Very professional approach and a job well done, on schedule and with a high level of care and attention to detail.

Geoff Roy

Professional and Punctual

Highly recommended! Shannon was my installer. Super friendly and best price for my Mitsubishi industries Ac unit and install. Definitely my go-to for new installs.

Alvin Tan

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